The Best Thing I Ever Ate: On The Drag

Ever found yourself wishing you magically knew the best food in Austin so that you wouldn't waste time or money on mediocre food? That's why The Best Thing I Ever Ate on Food Network is kind of the best idea for a show ever. You have the most qualified foodies in America talking about their top dishes and where to find them. These people definitely know what they are talking about.

So I started thinking: perhaps our Spoon readers were wondering the same thing on a more local level. What are the favorite dishes amongst the writers, photographers and editors of Texas Spoon University? Where do we like to chow down? What is the very best thing we've ever eaten in Austin, Texas?

Well, I have some answers for you. This week's theme is the Drag. Trust us on this: you'll want to drag yourself out of the dormitory cafe to try these dishes.



Photo by Karina Rao

Alexia Phipps, Section Editor

Kerbey Lane cinnamon roll pancake

"The best thing I've ever eaten? Easy. Hands down the cinnamon roll pancake at Kerbey Lane café on campus. The outside had that slightly firm texture, yet the inside was soft as could be. It was one of the "specials" at the time–so if you're ever lucky enough to see it on the menu at Kerbey again, order it! You won't regret it."


Photo by Karina Rao

Emily Robinson, Managing Editor

Kerbey Lane pumpkin cinnamon roll pancakes

"I didn't think a cinnamon roll pancake could be improved until I ate the pumpkin ones."

Sounds like Kerbey Lane pancakes are hard to beat...


Photo by Karina Rao

Katie Walsh, Writer and Photographer

Mellow Mushroom holy shittake pie

"The magic is in the garlic Aioli. But beware of stanky breath that will last for hours."


Photo by Karina Rao

Gabbi Phi, Writer

Fricano's turkey pesto sandwich

"I would say the turkey pesto sandwich at Fricano's. I had it for the first time last week. The bread was toasted to perfection and I'm a huge sucker for pesto and alfalfa sprouts. You just can't go wrong with this sandwich."


Photo by Karina Rao

Karina Rao, Photographer

Halal Bros Combo Over Rice

"Combo Over Rice at Halal Bros is by far the greatest part of existence on the Drag. No decisions necessary, you get the crazy good lamb with the consistently good chicken all over flowing rivers of rice. The geniuses at Halal Bros cover the combination with a creamy godlike sauce and then a fiery devil like hot sauce to create harmony in the world and your mouth. Done."


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