The Best Thing I Ate In Nashville

...was compliments of The Mad Platter, a cozy carriage corner in the Germantown neighborhood. With ornate wooden chairs and brick walls lined with monochromatic-covered books, dim lighting and congenial staff invite you to join owners Craig and Marcia Jervis at the table. With a concentration on seasonal and local fare, the changing menu may tickle your tongue with surprise.

In my four-course dining experience, coconut milk-curried Mussels and decadent Bananas Foster book-ended a most memorable middle: the Meditteranean-inspired Lamb T-Bone Trio ($26). Three juicy pink pieces of gloriously gamey meat were mounted on a medley of chickpeas, pearl onions and sweet grape confit, with a zesty brushstroke of cucumber-mint yogurt sauce and the perfect punctuation of almond crunch. The saccharine depth and richness of the lamb was offset by fresh accents to which my palate was grateful. This farm to table spot has evidently been a twenty-year staple in the Music City, and you'd be mad not to see why.

The Mad Platter
1239 6th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37208
(615) 242-2563