The Best Tequila Sunrise

The cocktail tequila sunrise is even tastier and less sophisticated than The Eagles’ 'Tequila Sunrise' lyrics

A Tequila Sunrise on the back deck is just comfortable.

Look, there is literally nothing sophisticated about the tequila sunrise, but sometimes you don’t want to be sophisticated. Sometimes you want to watch trashy TV while wearing a blanket that claims to be an article of clothing. Sometimes you want to eat Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese and dance in your apartment by yourself to a collection of ‘90s jams. Sometimes you want to wear an unironic plaid shirt and eat a slice of 99-cent pizza and get into an arm wrestling match with your brother. Sometimes you want a Rice Krispie treat more than a macaron.

Relatedly, sometimes you want to drink like a nineteen-year-old with a starter moustache who thinks that Mexican food is super exotic, and for that mood, the best of the tequila drinks is the Tequila Sunrise. And if you’re going to make a tequila sunrise drink, you should make it right, and unabashedly. Juice an orange, pretend it’s 1978, and sip away.


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