The Best Spontaneous Celebrity Dinner Party Ever

With one tweet and a bill for 200 diners, Chad Ochocinco shows how it's done

Chad Ochocino at a McDonald's during his Ochocinco's Charity Tour for Giving in 2010.

Chad Ochocinco's (aka the wide receiver for the New England Patriots, and new reality TV star) steps for throwing a killer dinner party for strangers:

1. Tweet an invite to a popular restaurant (he chose Sylvia's in Harlem), with the promise to foot the bill for the first 200 diners.

2. Show up, make friends.

3. Eat ribs, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and cupcakes from Cakeman Raven.

4. Tweet about it later.

That's the recipe for success, according to DNAInfo. Within minutes, hungry fans lined the block to dine with Ochocinco. While the final cost wasn't revealed, the fried chicken and ribs combo costs $19 on Sylvia's menu — you do the math.

The best part, said Tren'ness Woods-Black (Sylvia Wood's granddaughter and head of public relations for the restaurant), was that the flash dinner party was completely spontaneous. She said to DNAInfo, "This was totally unplanned...That's the cool thing about Chad."

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