Best Ski Towns For Food

Ski destinations are ranked by snowfall, terrain, and vertical drop, but as any skier will tell you, there's more to skiing than hitting the slopes. The term après-ski was coined as a reference to the activities that accompany a long day on the mountains and the culture and lifestyle that surround skiing.  For us, that means excellent food, and we've searched for the ski towns around the world that offer not just powdery inclines, but memorable dining experiences.

Best Ski Towns for Food (Slideshow)

We started with top-ranked ski towns, and then looked for the ones with mention of a notable restaurant scene. From there, we rated each ski town using the following criteria: variety and range of dining options, the presence of renowned chefs, the frequency of mentions in top food publications, Michelin recognition, and whether the town was home to any well-known food festivals or events.

We discovered that eating well and skiing well often go hand-in-hand. It's not uncommon for top ski destinations to also have world-renowned eateries, such as the Alpine ski resort of Courchevel, France, home to seven Michelin-starred restaurants. Traveling to ski can also be an opportunity to explore regional specialties, like the raclettes in Zamblett, Switzerland, the parrillas in Bariloche, Argentina, or the New England farm fare in Stowe, Vermont. It's no wonder, then, that a town like Aspen, Colorado is equally heralded for its skiing as it is its famous food festival, the Food & Wine Classic.

While "hot dog" might refer to the trickery performed by a showoff on the slopes, it's a far cry from what you'll be eating if you follow our guide for après-ski dining. Whether you're an adventure skier looking to set a new record or a recreational snow bunny equally as interested in the fireside lounging as the wintry terrain, our list is everything you need to find the best ski towns for food.