The Best Sidecar Recipe

The best way to pretend you’re a WWI fighter pilot
Best Classic Sidecar Recipe

The sidecar is a favorite classic cocktail.

If ever a cocktail earned the term “classic,” it is the sidecar. While its origins are unclear (New Orleans? London? Paris? A city with a long and storied drinking history, that’s for certain), the sidecar came into habitual public consciousness and popularity in France during World War I. The term “sidecar” can refer to both a little one-wheeled attachment to a motorcycle or a small slops bucket for leftover liquors that a bartender uses, so the cocktail may have derived its name from either source.

While shrouded in a bit of mystery, the sidecar remains a favorite among cocktail connoisseurs worldwide. Uncomplicated yet sophisticated, this is one that bartenders will generally respect you for requesting, and don’t mind making.

The English variation demands more cognac, but this is the original French recipe, which we think is loveliest: equal parts of each ingredient means a perfect balance of flavors — and a lower alcohol content. That may not sound ideal, but trust us when we say that the sidecar’s punch has a tendency to sneak up on you.

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