Best Sandwiches In Tampa Bay

In gastronomic terms, Tampa is best known for its expertise in at least one dish — the famous Cuban sandwich. Between Miami and our city, the origin of this unique, pressed delight that blends American tastes with Caribbean culture remains a mystery. So where in our area can you find the best in sandwiches, including the Cuban? Check our this list for some of the most famous options.
Mazzaro's Italian Market
2909 22nd Ave. N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33713
(727) 321-2400

One could call Mazzaro's the king of fine Italian delicatessens, complete with a bakery, pastry and coffee shop. In addition, there's an olive bar, as well as a cheese room with a wide selection of wine and beer. Among the most popular and critically acclaimed of the list of some 20 sandwich options is the grilled caprese. Other dishes like pasta, chicken or fish, as well as the home-made mozzarella, are sure to turn anyone who appreciates authentic Italian cuisine into a dedicated client. Dessert specialties include genuine gelato, cannoli, tiramisu, cakes and other traditional Italian sweets. The decor matches the theme, with statues and murals that evoke a Tuscan villa.

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Moxies Cafe
514 N. Tampa St.
Tampa, FL 33606
(813) 221-4510

Moxies offers delicious sandwiches at decent prices to downtown Tampa. The breakfast sandwiches combine classics of this meal with delicious Cuban bread. Don't miss the Gyro-style sandwich with feta cheese and egg. Also popular is the turkey in the slaw, which adds cheese and cole slaw to this sandwich classic. The coffee shop portion of the menu rivals anything that Starbucks can whip up, with sweeter drinks as a specialty. Ideal for business lunches or a stop off before a visit to one of the area's many museums or parks, Moxies offers a few outside tables in addition to its interior dining space.

Brocato's Sandwich Shop
5021 E. Columbus Drive
Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 248-9977

Brocato's does one thing and does it well: sandwiches. The line may be long, especially during the lunch rush hour, but it's well worth the wait for one of Brocato's delicious sandwiches. The ribeye seems a favorite, as well as the classic Cuban, which comes in a variety of sizes including the monstrous extra large. No matter what size you choose, the portions are copious, something that one may not expect with such affordable prices. Aside from the sandwiches, the devil crab is well worth trying, as well as the stuffed potatoes and the cafe con leche.

West Tampa Sandwich Shop
3904 N. Armenia Ave.
Tampa, FL 33607
(813) 873-7104

Perhaps the main rival of Brocato's, West Tampa Sandwich Shop sure gives it a run for its money. Pressed to golden perfection, the meat is high quality and the bread delicious. Other classic Cuban dishes abound here, including the fried yucca, black beans and cafe con leche. As with most famous sandwich joints in the region, take advantage of non-rush hours to avoid the crowds. Either way, West Tampa surely has its fair share of delicious sandwich restaurants.

Wright's Gourmet House
1200 S. Dale Mabry Highway
Tampa, FL 33629
(813) 253-3838

Consistently a winner in best Cuban sandwich contests, one need not question the legacy of Wright's Gourmet in this field, as well as many others. Wright's blends original creations, such as the chicken and pecan salad sandwich or the turkey or beef martini, with other more traditional varieties like the BLT. However, some would argue that the real stars at Wright's are the desserts, among which one finds a huge case of cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other delights. Favorite cake types include the hummingbird, rum, carrot and alpine. For an extra touch of class, customers can add lemons and mint leaves to their water. The beauty of Wright's can be found in the details and the deliciousness of its products.

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