Best Sandwiches In Detroit

Lucky for us that August is National Sandwich Month — it means you could potentially fill up on delicious sandwiches every day of the month and blame it on a hardcore patriotism for pastrami. Here are some tried-and-true spots that everyone loves with reckless abandon. Get in line, order up and prepare to devour a delectable sandwich from one of the fine delicatessens listed below.
Mudgie's Deli
1300 Porter St.
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 961-2000

Order a sandwich from the shop in town that is so good, it's actually known as serving Detroit's best sandwiches. From the outside, the sweet appearance of the shop hides what is to come: a mean sandwich. Mudgie's prides itself in creating a massive amount of menu items from scratch, and has the taste to prove it. Aspiring sandwich artistes will relish in the opportunity to create their own sandwich using dozens of mouth-watering ingredients. Or leave it to the experts and order a sandwich from the menu. Wash a Gutty or Lockwood down with a frosty local brew and, with the first bite, you'll see why this shop is the best of the best.

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Bucharest Grill
2040 Park Ave.
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 965-3111

Looking for the best shawarma within the city limits? Stop by Bucharest Grill for a quick bite. Depending upon which variety you order from the menu, expect a delicious rolled sandwich stuffed to the max with meat, Middle Eastern-style. And non-meat eaters rejoice, because there is a vegetarian option. Slathered with a creamy garlic spread and grilled vegetables, with fries and slivers of pickles, the marinated and spiced-up sandwiches arrive dressed to impress. Everything is made by hand and crazy delicious.

Mati's Deli 
1842 Monroe St.
Dearborn, MI 48124
(313) 277-3253

Choose from a never-ending list of sandwiches where each one is better than the last. Whatever fixins you are craving, Mati's Deli has them piled high, then layered to perfection. Favorites include the Prime Time and Carol's Temptation, or basically anything that has a heaping dose of coleslaw on it. But really, anything found on the extensive menu is worth ordering.The charming atmosphere of the shop is punctuated by swivel stools lining the counter and cute bistro seating scattered around the eatery. Mati's is compact in size and a popular lunchtime destination, so the outdoor seating on the sidewalk is the perfect place to dive into your sandwich when weather permits.

Russell Street Deli
2465 Russell St.
Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 567-2900

Slide onto a bench and dive into some great conversation and a stacked sandwich at the Russell Street Deli. Settle in for the long haul with a standard reuben or pastrami that tastes anything but standard, or venture into vegetarian territory with a avocado melt or grilled veggie on rye. With its unpretentious style and focus on community, the casual atmosphere is conducive to laid-back lunching and perhaps making some new friends.

Hygrade Deli
3640 Michigan Ave.
Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 894-6620

Hygrade Deli is a sweet little spot that makes monstrous sandwiches. This neighborhood locale is the place to hit for a corned beef sandwich as high as the Penobscot and quite possibly as big as your plate. Known around the city for its corned beef, order this signature sandwich and it will be delivered to the table accompanied by a pickle. The throwback setting carries you through to another era as soon as you step through the door. But the vibe isn't all about looks, it also rests in the acknowledgement customers receive as they step through the door. The friendly atmosphere brings back a nostalgia of a time when people were happy to see you, and welcomes you into the establishment. It may be because the owner can often be found behind the counter.

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