This recipe for yummy yammy egg foo yung uses ham, shrimp and sweet potatoes to make a delicious dish, served with a homemade sauce. Recipe courtesy of Eggland's Best
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Sweet potatoes are a must at any Thanksgiving table. Add in a few shavings of chocolate and you have an even more decadent meal for the holiday!
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This is based on a family recipe from my mother. The pecan crust lends a nice crunch to the yams, and the spices add a touch of refinement. Click here to see The Perfect Christmas Dinner.
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Candied Yams
This recipe is a rich and delicious addition to your holiday meals. If you want to enhance your already incredible yams, there's nothing better than marshmellows.
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purple yam
This dish is especially rich in vitamin A, fiber, and phytonutrients, which are compounds in plants that fight disease, and promote overall health. If you thought there was something special about purple, you were right. The pigments that make plants purple are called Anthocyanins, which research indicates can improve brain health.This recipe is courtesy of Drew Ramsey, MD. for Stonyfield Organic 
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