This Is the Ultimate Lunchbox Sandwich That Everyone Will Be Jealous Of

Make a Cubano sandwich for lunch and you’ll have everyone in your office jealous

Shutterstock/ Brent Hofacker

A delicious pressed Cuban sandwich ready for your lunchbox. 

While everyone at work is eating their turkey clubs and salami sandwiches, whip out a dish that will make their heads turn. Why not make a Cubano sandwich for lunch? The night before, roast pork, then use the leftover meat in a delicious panini-style sandwich. You can even make this sandwich for your kids and cut it up into four pieces — it’s perfect for the whole family.

A Cuban sandwich is a variation on a ham and cheese sandwich with roasted pork, mustard, pickles, and, of course, ham and cheese. If you want to make your lunch a little more special, make garlic mojo, which is a garlic oil that you smear on the outside of the sandwich before toasting. You probably spread butter on your grilled cheese to get a crispy crunch — this is the same concept, but it results in a delicious garlicky flavor instead.  Make a side of plantains to take with you to work and dip in the garlic mojo — heaven. We’re pretty sure everyone will be jealous of your lunchbox sandwich.