Surprise Dad with Easy and Delicious Recipes

Father’s Day is right around the corner and it’s the perfect day to show dad appreciation for everything he does
buffalo chicken

Make dad something fun and new, like these Buffalo Chicken and Waffle Bites.

Instead of making restaurant reservations this year, create your own homemade dishes that dad is sure to love.

After all, the best presents come from the heart—and the kitchen! Krusteaz, makers of premium pancake, waffle and baking mixes, has the perfect recipes for you to get started.

Bacon & Cheddar Mini Corn Loaves

bacon and cheddar

Can’t decide between breakfast and lunch? Try serving brunch with these bacon and cheddar mini corn loaves—they’re full of cheese and crumbly bacon.

Buffalo Chicken and Waffle Bites


These Buffalo Chicken and Waffle bites are a flavor-packed appetizer that dad won’t be able to put down! Crispy popcorn chicken coated in spicy buffalo sauce is balanced out with cool bleu cheese crumbles. Pile the chicken on top of a fluffy Belgian Waffle bite for the most mouthwatering appetizer in town.

Parmesan Chicken Flatbreads


Making chicken parmesan can be so time consuming. Try a shortcut and make Parmesan Chicken Flatbreads with Krusteaz’s Italian Flatbread Mix. The mix is versatile, easy to work with and delicious!

Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

ice cream sandwiches

If dad has a sweet tooth, he’s going to love these cookie ice cream sandwiches. Take a scoop of his favorite ice cream and place it between two freshly baked Butter Vanilla Sugar Cookies. For an even more personalized touch, roll the edges of the sandwich in dad’s favorite colored sprinkles! 

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