Spicy, Smoky, And Sweet: 12 Easy And Delicious Ways To Enjoy Salsa

Few recipes are as quick and easy — and delicious — as homemade salsa. Whether you opt for a smoky fire-roasted tomato version or a sweet and spicy fruit salsa, a simple mix of fresh ingredients never disappoints. The perfect grilled chicken and fish topping, and quite possibly the most delicious healthy snack when paired with crispy tortilla chips, this easy-to-make condiment is a great addition to any meal or snack.

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For this week's SWAT (Sharing With A Theme), we asked The Daily Meal's Culinary Content Network for their best salsa recipes. Whether you're looking for a creative way to use a jar of store-bought salsa or a quick and easy recipe to make your own, we've got 12 delicious suggestions. But before we share the recipes, here are some of this week's highlights:

My Mama's Basic Blender Salsa
Mary of www.vindulgeblog.com shared her super easy and super delicious salsa. Just put your ingredients in the blender, pulse a few times, and you're ready to eat.

Tex-Mex Lasagna
We'd eat this tortilla- and salsa-layered "lasagna" any night of the week. It's packed with flavor and gooey melted cheese — we think Carrie (the poet in the pantry) has just created our new favorite summertime meal!

Avocado with Cucumber Salsa
Our winning submission this week comes from the guys at Platter Talk; their light and refreshing cucumber salsa is the perfect crunchy bite when paired with smooth, creamy avocado. Added bonus? This salsa uses a little cumin, which gives it a subtle smoky kick.

All of the recipes featured this week can easily be made at home and all without spending a lot on ingredients. Ready for this week's top 12 recipes?

Peach Salsa CrostiniClick here for the recipe.

This tasty little appetizer is the perfect way to start any barbecue or picnic. The goat cheese- and salsa-topped baguette slices have the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors.

Slow-Cooker Carnitas Lettuce WrapsClick here for the recipe.

This healthy meal is so easy to make. Put the pork in your slow cooker overnight and then all that's left to do the next day is make a quick fresh salsa and layer everything into your lettuce cups.