Share Your Recipes With Katie Lee For The Ikea "Together We Eat" Contest

Cooking wasn't just a hobby growing up for Katie Lee, culinary personality and television host, it was a way of life. Lee grew up in a tight-knit family – they would have Saturday breakfast at her grandmother's home and family cook-offs. She was mentored by her grandma, Dora, who taught her everything she knows. She understands how meaningful recipes can be and the story that lies behind each encounter in the kitchen. "Food is very nostalgic — it's like music; you hear a song and it takes you back to a particular time in your life," Lee explains. "I think that food does the same thing."

Katie Lee has partnered with Ikea to celebrate how food — preparing, serving, and eating – connects people. Ikea is searching for the 50 best stories behind cherished, handed-down recipes and food traditions as part of a contest called "Together, We Eat." Together, We Eat is the perfect campaign to showcase cherished moments you've had in your kitchen. For the contest, you are to submit one of your most cherished recipes with a story to go along with it — feel free to send along family photos as well. You can submit for Together We Eat "Social Summer," which includes recipes about picnics and cookouts.

One of Lee's most treasured moments was when she would help her mom, aunt, and grandmother string green beans in the backyard when she was younger. Her grandmother loved canning so they'd have green beans for the whole year — stringing green beans was Katie's way of bonding with her family. 

Now that you know Katie Lee's story, she wants to hear yours. The Together, We Eat "Social Summer" deadline entry period is Tuesday October 27. You still have some time to submit your treasured recipes and stories at