Relish Recipes Right from Your Garden

This summer, skip the store-bought variety and create your own version of this versatile side
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You might just find the perfect combination to add to the spread at your next summer barbecue!

A favorite condiment for hot dogs, burgers, charcuterie and more, relish is traditionally prepared using chopped vegetables cooked in spicy vinegar pickling liquid. The addition of sugar for sweetness, hot peppers for heat, and whole ground spices for flavor, makes for endless recipes and flavor combinations.

Zesty Zucchini Relish

We love this recipe for zesty zucchini relish. Featuring trendy food spice, turmeric, this recipe packs the perfect zing to complement pretty much anything you might grill!

Bonus: If you’re living in the Western region, zucchini is currently at the peak of freshness! Take a look at the Ball® Interactive Canning Map for more zucchini recipe ideas.

Corn Relish

This relish recipe packs all of the best summer flavors like red and green bell peppers, corn and fresh chopped onion. A great way to use up some of the veggies in your garden or refrigerator, this corn relish is delish when paired with a sandwich or even served as a salsa with chips.

Antipasto Relish

This relish packs all the flavor from your favorite Italian antipasto dish into one spread. Bonus: this recipe is great way to use the excess of tomatoes that many of us find we’ve grown each summer!

Achar (Asian Relish)

An unconventional twist, this Asian relish goes great served with Tandoori chicken, curries or tagines. With ingredients like roasted peanuts, ginger root and dried chilies, the bold flavor is sure to impress at any party or cookout this summer.

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