Recipes In Honor Of Blueberry Month

Skip the store bought berries, take advantage of the season and celebrate this versatile blue beauty with some mouthwatering recipes. Those living in the Northeast should take special note that blueberries are in peak season right now according to the Ball brand's Interactive Canning Map.

Blueberry Butter

Who would have thought you could make a stick of butter any better? Try out this blueberry butter recipe using the pulp from your blueberry jam! Spread generously on a summer scone or a stack of morning pancakes for a tasty treat.

Blueberry Pie Jam

Blueberry jam, a classic favorite, is delicious on anything from crepes to homemade muffins.  Sweet and simple, this recipe for Blueberry Pie Jam will liven up any breakfast plate or dessert. Fresh Preserved to savor the fresh flavor year round, you'd be wise to make extras to bring as gifts to your summer party hosts!

Blueberry Syrup Recipe

Next up is a blueberry syrup. Grab about 8 cups of blueberries from your garden or local farmers' market and create this sweet syrup to perfectly top your morning waffle. We even love using this recipe as a topping for a scoop of ice cream on hot summer days. Make sure to save the pulp, read on to find out why!

Blueberry Lemon Lassi

Impress your summer cookout guests with this refreshing traditional Indian yogurt and fruit drink. Your blueberries will be the shining star in this recipe so be sure to grab a fresh bunch! The spicy and herbal character of the cardamom makes the perfect topping. Don't forget to serve these drinks in your favorite Ball Canning jars.

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