The Perfect Gift for National S’mores Day


The Fireside S’mores Crate from Olive & Cocoa.

Happy National S’mores Day! S’mores are a delicious treat made with three simple ingredients: graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. We all know how to make the perfect s’more: Just roast the marshmallows to give them a sweet, charred taste and sandwich them between the melting chocolate and graham crackers. You can stack them high with three or four graham crackers, or make a mini s’mores sandwich.

The perfect gift to get the super s’mores lover in your life is a Fireside S’mores Crate from Olive & Cocoa. It includes hand-crafted chocolate chip-filled marshmallows, a selection of gourmet graham crackers, and a pair of 22 ½-inch twig-shaped roasting skewers with wood handles. The best part of the crate may be the chocolate chip-filled marshmallows. We’ve never heard of something so creatively delicious. Now you can sit around a campfire and enjoy charred marshmallows with melted chocolate actually inside of them. The marshmallows are so scrumptious that you may just finish the bag before you make the s’mores.

You can buy this for a s’mores lover (or yourself) for just $64 — the treats come gift-wrapped in a hand-crafted wooden crate.