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Mummified Mashed Idaho® Potatoes

Your new Halloween party treat
Courtesy of Idaho Potato Commission

Turn mashed potatoes into spooky, fun mummies with this recipe that is great for kids Halloween parties.

Recipe courtesy of Idaho Potato Commission.


Recommended vegetables:

peas and carrots for eyes

herbs for eyelashes

black olive slices for eyebrows

corn kernels for ears

sliced radishes and olive halves for shoes

additional suggestions:

red, yellow, green bell pepper slices

sugar snap peas


green beans



*Cornhusks are used to enhance the visual appearance (they are not edible). Mummified Mashed Idaho Potatoes can be prepared without cornhusks.


  • 1/2 box (4 cups) instant mashed Idaho® potatoes
  • corn husk (fresh or packaged)
  • assorted vegetables


After preparing instant mashed potatoes according to box directions, let potatoes cool to touch.

Place opened cornhusk on plate and put on large dollop (approximately ¾ cup) of potatoes in center of husk.

Gently mold potatoes into the oblong shape of a mummy.

Select vegetables to create mummy features and choose approximate location where to place.

Carefully press the vegetables into potatoes.