The Most Pinned Halloween Pizzas Ever

Here are the top eight pinned Halloween pizzas

These pizza fingers are #4 on our list with 2,761 repins.

Halloween is right around the corner. It’s time to dress up as your favorite characters, watch horror films, and make scary delicious dishes. If you’re having a laid-back Halloween filled with movies, friends, and food, try making your own Halloween pizzas.

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Pinterest has amazing recipes for every holiday and this year we found the most pinned Halloween pizzas on the platform. We’re sharing the top eight recipes. Pinterest has every Halloween pizza you could think of, pizzas in the shape of mummies, ghosts, pumpkins, disembodied fingers…

The highest ranking pinned Halloween pizza we found belonged to A Pretty Life blog a “Boo-licious” pizza recipe that has 8,589 pins. This spooky pizza is made is by shaping the pizza dough into a ghost, topping with sauce and cheese, and adding a tomato face on top. Use tomato slices for the eyes and cut a hole in the middle of another tomato slice for the mouth to make a spooky and delicious pie that your guests will love.

Read on for the list of the topped pinned Halloween pizza recipes, with their numbers as of midday October 26, and how you can make them at home.