Lamb Burger with Tzatziki
Themed burgers can be dangerous. Use too many gimmicks, make things too complicated, and you run the risk of being all concept. It's one of the things I most admire about Chef Scott Smith at RUB BBQ in New York, who does a different themed burger every week. Scott's burgers are always playful and within the idea he's doing, but they always work.I keep this in mind anytime I try something overly complicated or themed — making sure that the dish works not just within the theme but on the palate. So it was with this Greek-themed lamb burger with tzatziki. Technically pita probably would have been the component to finish this theme, but it's hard to find fantastic pita, and pita with a burger... well, kinda doesn't feel like a burger anymore — feels like a gimmick.So with this Greek-themed lamb burger, the flavors are there, with a couple themed touches, but when it comes down to it, it's still a burger. A spicy, tangy, salty, juicy, wet burger. You won't be disappointed.
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Grilled Lamb Burgers
Whipped feta and grilled tomatoes may just be our favorite-ever additions to a juicy lamb burger.This recipe is courtesy of Not Without Salt.
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Lamb Burger Recipe
Lamb is more expensive than other types of ground meat but take one bite of these juicy burgers and you’ll see why. We don’t add much to the ground meat — just some onion, garlic, and spices — so that the flavor of the lamb can shine. Skip the cheese on these burgers and opt for a flavorful yogurt-based sauce instead.
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