Don't Skip Salt, The Most Important Ingredient

Salt sometimes can get a bad rap because people have been told to cut down on sodium, but it's a very important ingredient in cooking and enhancing your dishes.All it takes is a little bit to make a big difference in your cooking and baking. Morton Salt set out to prove this with their Next Door Chef series.

Next Door Chef
Combining seasoned chefs with enthusiastic home cooks who would love to enhance their cooking skills is the premise behind the Next Door Chef series by Morton Salt, which has so far been filmed in three of the biggest foodie cities in the country: New Orleans, Nashville, and Chicago.

The experienced restaurant chefs who participated, Nina Compton, Karl Worley, and Jason Vincent, showed three everyday cooks how to use salt to enhance and improve their dishes. They prove that using the right types of salt — specifically Morton Sea Salt or Kosher Salt — can turn a home cook into a chef.

Grind the sea salt
Morton Salt offers three different types of sea salt. Their Fine Sea Salt dissolves quickly so you can blend it into your soups and sauces or mix into a marinade for your chicken or steak before grilling. All Purpose Sea Salt comes specifically from the Pacific Ocean, where nature makes it just right for any type of cooking, for adding a touch that enhances your baking, or for simply using as the ideal table salt.

Another great way to improve any item you prepare is with Morton Coarse Sea Salt. The crystals can go right into your home salt grinder, allowing you to add the fresh flavor of ground salt to your dishes before and after cooking.

Sprinkle kosher salt
Morton Kosher Salt has become a popular addition to cooking because its coarse texture lets you easily sprinkle just the right amount. It is perfect for bringing out the natural flavors of meat, fish, and poultry.

Morton Kosher Salt is loved by chefs because the flakes adhere to all types of food and make the flavors of any meal stand out. Just a small amount can go a long way.

Balance your flavors
The lesson to learn from Morton's Next Door Chef series is the importance of salt in your cooking and baking. Morton Sea Salts and Kosher Salts are the perfect addition to enhance your meals. A bit of the right salt can balance out flavors and even compliment sweet dishes, as shown in this recipe for delicious sweet potatoes.

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