DIY Dessert: Make Oreo Churros At Home

Nabisco makes a glorious dessert that may be even better than its regular Oreos: Oreo Churros. If you can't find the Oreo Churros in the store, you can make the treats yourself right at home.

Start off with a big bowl of Oreos and separate the cream from the cookie. Next, crush the cookies in a food processor. Then, combine water, butter, and sugar in a saucepan. Bring the mixture to a boil and remove from the heat. Add flour to the mixture then the crushed Oreos and one egg.

Stir the mixture until it is creamy and load into a pastry bag. Pipe the churros onto a plate and freeze them until they are firm. After they are firm fry them in oil then roll then in cinnamon sugar.

After the churros are done stick the Oreo cream in the microwave. Mix the cream up until it is smooth. Take a straw and make a hole in the middle of each churro so you can insert cream into it. Fill the cream into a pastry bag and pipe away.

You have now created an amazing Oreo dessert that will blow everyone away.