8 Ways To Make Scrambled Eggs Egg-Citing

Tired of your same old boring scrambled eggs? They're so easy to make since all you have to do is crack, whisk, and scramble, but after a while you'll want to switch it up. The key is adding in different ingredients to change it up and make them great again. Not sure what to add? Fear not! We have 8 delicious upgrades to get you egg-cited again.






1. Add Ketchup

It may be basic, but it's a classic addition that tastes great on eggs! Plus, it's so simple that you barely added anytime onto your morning routine. So feel free to hit that snooze button again.






2. Make them Portable

Grab a muffin tin and get baking! Take your scrambled eggs on-the-go in an edible dish, whether it's a flour tortilla or a ham cup, you'll find them egg-dorable and extremely delicious.






3. Let's Taco It

Breakfast + Tacos... How could we not. Fill a hard or soft shell with scrambled EB eggs, cheese, and your favorite toppings like tomatoes and jalapenos. Find our Chorizo Jack Taco video here for inspiration.






4. Chop Vegetables

An easy way to add flavor is chopping up your favorite vegetables such as onions and peppers for a deconstructed denver omelet.






5. Make it Spicy

Add a kick by topping with some heat whether you like salsa, sriracha (our favorite), or hot sauce.






6. Embrace Bacon Grease

Cook your bacon first than reserve just enough grease to coat the bottom of the skillet and scramble your eggs in it. You might even get lucky and get some bacon bits mixed in!






7. Top a Pizza

Breakfast + Pizza... need we say more? Find the recipe here.






8. Cheese Please!

Add on the cheese. The more the merrier! Play around with different types of cheese to add different flavors to your scrambled eggs. Some recommendations – mozzerella, pepperjack, mexican style.

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