3 Drinks You Should Make When Hosting A Brunch

Hosting brunch can be a little stressful — you have to worry about the food, drinks, and being a good host. How do I keep the pancakes warm while I'm making frittatas? Do my guests want a side of bacon, or would they rather have hash browns? Should I make both? While the food is driving you insane, The Daily Meal has the drinks handled. We are providing you with three drinks that you should make while hosting brunch. No need to stress about midday cocktails.

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Serve a Wake Me Up cocktail for the coffee lovers. A jolt of Kahlua, Stoli vodka, and espresso will wake your guests right on up. If they aren't into coffee, go for a fruity drink. Strawberry Mimosas made with David's Tea is the perfect drink for your next brunch. It will take you five minutes to steep the tea, then serve over ice. It is that simple — you can now go tend to your potato waffles on the stovetop.

At the end of the day, a classic with a twist is a foolproof option. Everyone loves a bloody mary, so try Kerry Dunnington's recipe, complete with avocado and bacon, from This Book Cooks