The 1 Recipe That Will Make You Rule Your Back-to-School Bake Sale

The one recipe that will make you rule the back-to-school bake sale? Bacon cupcakes


A delicious, moist cupcake topped with bacon.

The two foods kids are guaranteed to be in love with? Bacon and cupcakes. Pair these decadent items and you’ll have the perfect recipe to take to your child’s bake sale. You will rule the bake sale — all of your kid’s classmates will want to come home with you.

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In this recipe, molasses spice cake with cream cheese frosting is surprised by a wallop of porcine goodness (there is a not-inconsiderable amount of rendered bacon fat lurking in that frosting) and then, gloriously, crowned with a strip of candied, perfectly crisp bacon. It's unexpected, perverse, even obscene... and it's pretty damn good.


Kids wake up to bacon — I’m pretty sure it’s the only reason they get out of bed in the morning. The fact that they can have bacon in the morning and a bacon cupcake in the afternoon will be mind-blowing. You’ll have to make these cupcakes for every bake sale from now on.