Best Places for Drinks in St. Louis

Need a drink? Check out these spots

Goshen roasts only small batches of 100 percent organic coffee in their custom-built, high-efficiency roaster.

Welcome to The Rhubarb and Honey Drink Guide to St. Louis. Whether you're someone who loves the buzz of caffeine, or the buzz from a great craft beer, the perfect drink spot is somewhere in this list!

Foundation Grounds Coffee House & Cafe
Besides striving to serve the finest quality coffee, food, and pastries, Foundation Grounds is a conscious coffee house and café with a serious committment to the environment.

From sourcing local ingredients at the Maplewood Farmers’ Market to using only 100 percent organic coffee from (my favorite) Goshen Coffee Company, Foundation Grounds talks the green talk and walks the green walk. For the coffee lover, stop by Foundation Grounds and pick up a pound of any of the wonderful tasting Goshen coffees they carry. My picks? Try the Bona Fide Espresso blend, the Old School Tattoo Blend, or the Ethiopian Harrar.

Goshen Coffee Company
Want to get your coffee buzz directly from the source? Then take a short trip to the aforementioned Goshen Coffee Company in Edwardsville, and you’ll be in coffee nirvana. Can you tell how much I love Goshen coffee?

Unique to the St. Louis area, Goshen roasts only small batches of 100 percent organic coffee in their custom-built, high-efficiency roaster to ensure nothing is wasted and you get the freshest product possible. Rest assured that every cup of their coffee that warms your hands is certified organic and completely sustainable throughout its entire existence for both the environment and the farmers. Don’t forget to grab a pastry from Goshen’s sister company, 222 Bakery, while you’re there!

Saint Louis Brewery
I think most folks in St. Louis know Schalfly Beer, but I don’t think many of them know that Schlafly is actually the brand name of beers produced by the Saint Louis Brewery, not the name of the brewery itself. There’s a little St. Louis drink trivia for you.

The brewery was founded in 1991 and produces more than 30 styles of hand-crafted, microbrewed beers annually. When in season, try the Winter ESB, an amber-colored, malty ale with lots of hops to balance the flavor. It's sure to please a craft beer lover.

The Wine Merchant, Ltd.
The Wine Merchant, Ltd. opened in 1992 and has become one of the leading fine wine retailers in the St. Louis area. It boasts a selection of more than 2,000 wines — from great tasting, inexpensive values to the rarest wines in the world — so you’re certain to find just the right bottle. Not sure whether to choose between either a chardonnay to pinot noir? Check out The Wine Merchant’s Wine of the Month Club features for a tip.

Members of "The Merch Club" receive two bottles of wine each month from small, quality-oriented producers whose wines cannot be found in most markets. Included in each offering is useful information about the wines, such as flavor profiles, food pairing ideas, regional histories, and serving instructions.

The London Tea Room
Given a choice of tea, water, or soda, I’ll pick tea 99 percent of the time..I love tea! And I love The London Tea Room, an unstuffy tea room in downtown St. Louis.

Serving and selling excellent tea, light lunches, and pastries in casual European surroundings, The London Tea Room is the perfect place to get your tea on. All of their loose-leaf teas are for sale by the 1/8 pound, and new teas and seasonal varieties arrive constantly so I guarantee they’ll be a huge selection to pick from while you’re there.

This post originally appeared on Rhubarb & Honey.