Best Places In Chicago To Buy Pre-Cooked Thanksgiving Turkey

On Thanksgiving morning, every host experiences a moment of panic at the prospect of cooking the turkey. Undercook it and it's pink, and everyone is left waiting as it heads back to the oven. Overcook it and it's dried out. Turkeys aren't an easy thing to cook; the white meat needs to cook for a different amount of time than the white meat, and because of the differing fat content, it's easy to end up with a breast that's bone-dry (thank goodness for gravy, right?). But thankfully, this Thanksgiving you can leave it up to the professionals, because there are a handful of places in Chicago where you can purchase a pre-cooked Thanksgiving turkey.

The Goddess and Grocer
This restaurant and catering company is offering a whole Thanksgiving dinner to go. You can order a roasted turkey breast or a complete roasted turkey, brined and stuffed with mirepoix and herbs.

Smoke Daddy
If you're looking to surprise your guests with a whole smoked turkey, you can buy a whole one from this barbecue restaurant.

Whole Foods
Every Whole Foods offers whole roasted turkeys for Thanksgiving; just make sure to call ahead!

This supermarket chain offers whole roasted turkeys, but not every location will. Just make sure you call ahead.