Denver's 10 Best Pizzerias

Denver may be know best for it's Mexican food but, the food scene has expanded exponentially in the past few years. This expansion means you can find the best of any food you desire, including America's favorite: pizza. From authentic Neapolitan, to floppy New York slices, to Chicago deep dish, Denver's got it all. If, you know where to look. Today, The Daily Meal spills the secret on where to find the best pizza in the city.

1. Marco's Coal Fired Pizza

Widely beloved by locals and food critics alike, Marco's focus is on authentic Neapolitan pizza. The restaurant uses fine Italian ingredients such as Molino Caputo 00' flour and San Marzano tomatoes, and tops it all off with local Colorado produce. Marco's is the only pizzeria in the state of Colorado that has been certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, an organization from Italy dedicated to preserving authentic Neapolitan pizza. It's also worth noting that Marco's does a nice NY style pie and offers gluten free pizza as well.

2. Basta

Chef Kelly Whitaker of Basta has made quite a splash in the Denver/ Boulder food world. Using a blazing hot, wood fired oven Whitaker turns out authentic Neapolitan style pizza with unique topping combinations. Bastas goal is to use simple, local, and seasonal ingredients to create big flavors. Basta delivers, not only with their pizzas but, also with dessert! The campfire vanilla ice-cream, with its smokey sweetness, is completely unique and not to be missed.

3. Pizzeria Locale

This pizzeria is intended to be a contemporary take on the traditional pizzerias of Naples. Traditional Neapolitan favorites like the Margherita are always excellent. So are crazy adaptations like the "mais mozzarella" which is topped with prosciutto cotto, sweet corn, crème fraîche, and garlic. Pizzeria Locale owners Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson and Bobby Stuckey, both James Beard Award winners, clearly take their pizza seriously. It's also worth mentioning that Food Network named the restaurant, "Best Pizza in Colorado" in 2011.

4. Brava! Pizzeria Della Strada

Brava! is a rustic wood fired pizzeria that is all about letting simple ingredients shine. Though there are only five pies on the menu, each option really works. The queen, a classic Margherita is a local favorite. Brava! works with the farming and ranching community to source local ingredients for their pies. Perhaps most intriguing of all Brava! also does catering, with a traveling oven on wheels.

5. Big Bill's New York Pizza

Thanks to Bill you can get the wonder, that is New York style pizza right here in Denver. Think big and floppy, thin crust, fold em' in half. Bill's isn't fancy, but, the food and service are top notch. Bill's is family friendly and will delight the pickiest of little eaters with a large selection of toppings.

6. Virgilio's Pizzeria and Wine Bar

Another maker of the authentic New York style pie can be found right here in Colorado at Virgilio's. In true New York style the pies at Virgilio's are simple, nothing fussy here. However, quality is a major focus: the mozzarella is homemade and sides like the garlic knots are are as good as the pizza. The atmosphere and service are great. There is also a substantial wine list to choose from.

7. Nicolo's Chicago Style Pizza

When discussing pizza, Chicago style can not be forgotten. Lucky for Denver there is Nicolo's. This family owned restaurant has been around for thirty years, which is plenty of time to perfect the ultimate Chicago deep dish. Try the EBA, everything but anchovy, for a crowd pleaser.

8. Patxi's

Patxi's (pronounced "Pah-Cheese") is a small chain of restaurants, located in Colorado, California, and Washington State. Patxi's is unique in that they offer a lot of variety in pizza crust style including: a Chicago style, a cornmeal pan, a 00' Neapolitan style, a whole wheat, and a gluten free. Most pizza places focus on one or two crust styles, Paxti's variety is refreshing. However, Chicago deep dish is the customer favorite.

9. Osteria Marco

Osteria Marco is actually a rustic Italian restaurant with a full menu. The restaurant is perhaps best known for it's homemade cheeses and cured meats. It's these house made ingredients that really make the pizza something special. Unique combinations like "the fig", topped with speck, goat cheese, fontina, black mission figs, and arugula don't hurt either.

10. Beau Jo's

Move over Naples, NY, and Chicago. Make way for the Colorado style mountain pie. These monster sized pizzas feature a hand rolled crust and 'mountains' of toppings. Beau Jo's is a community fixture in Idaho Springs though the restaurant has several Denver metro locations now. The original location opened in 1973 in and has been serving ski enthusiasts of the area ever since.

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