Best Pastry Spots In Denmark

The Danes are known for their baking. From the seed-crusted frøsnapper to the confection-filled kamme, the country's baking repertoire offers a wide variety of pastries that reflect centuries of baking tradition. If you find yourself in Denmark, particularly outside of Copenhagen, seek out these destinations that are loved by locals and tourists alike:

  1. Lagkagehuset, Various Locations
    Now open in several locations throughout Denmark, Lagkagehuset is a popular bakery that's known for its superb pastries, sandwiches, and hot beverages. Visitors recommend their hindbærlagkage, or layer cake, and kartoffelkage, a flaky choux covered pastry with layers of crème pâtissière, marzipan, and dusted bitter cocoa powder.   
  2. Møllers Conditori, Stengade
    Møllers Conditori is known as being the oldest konditori (coffee shop) in Denmark. With outdoor seating and a location in a pedestrian center on the northeast coast of Zealand in eastern Denmark, this tasty spot is great for people-watching. In addition to delicious pastries, visitors are also fond of their coffee.
  3. Sct. Peder's Bageri, Copenhagen
    Also located in the country's capital, Sct. Peder's Bageri is loved by locals and tourists alike. The bakery is situated underneath a giant golden pretzel sign on a quiet cobblestone street. Those who have been recommend the kanelsnegle (or cinnamon roll) and frøsnapper, a twisted pastry with poppy and sesame seeds.
  4. Royal Bakery, Odense
    Located in Hans Christian Andersen's hometown of Odense (Denmark's third largest city), Royal Bakery is known for serving high-quality traditional Danish pastries. In addition to their baked goods, visitors recommend trying the "tasty organic ice cream." You can find it near the tourist office on the main pedestrian drag.
  5. Skovsgaard Café, Rudkøbing
    Travelers can find this bucolic destination on the island of Langeland in southeast Denmark. In addition to homemade breads, cookies, and cakes (including gingerbread, chocolate cake, pie, and coconut macaroons), the Skovsgaard Café serves a seasonal lunch menu. Given that the café is located on a working farm, guests can take their lunch to-go to eat on the grounds. They're open seasonally, meaning no winter hours.