The Best Martini Recipe

The Best Martini Recipe
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What actually goes into a proper martini? Three ingredients only: the most important element is gin. A true martini is prepared almost entirely — and exclusively — with gin. Not vodka, not chocolate liqueur, gin. The second ingredient is dry vermouth, and the third is an olive. The ratio of gin to vermouth varies widely, and every martini drinker has their own preferred ratio. Winston Churchill, legendarily, prepared his martini extra dry: he poured gin into the glass, and cast a glance at the bottle of vermouth across the room. Read more about martinis.
  • 2 1/2 ounce gin
  • dry vermouth
  • 1 olive
  1. Swish a bit of vermouth around the inside of a cocktail glass to coat the interior, then throw the remaining vermouth out. Pour gin into a mixing glass filled with ice cubes, then stir gently for 45 seconds. Strain into the prepared cocktail glass and garnish with an olive. Sip, assured of your pristine correctness.