The Best Margaritas North of the Mason Dixon



I know, bold statement, right? This is no fancy schmancy place, but whether you’re a student or have a mad craving for Mexican, Border Café is the place to go and their margaritas are unrivaled by even the best in New York City.

Sit down and get a table. Might be a wait, but worth it. Sidle up to the bar if you can, but seats might be hard to come by. Don’t despair! Just think – once you sit, complimentary chips and salsa soon come your way. OK, nibble a few. But the star is really the margarita. They’re large in size, cold and salty. And strong. Nothing is worse than a weak margarita.

The menu features at least 10 different tequila-based concoctions, but really, don't look any further than the first two. You don’t need fancy tequila. Maybe some fresh strawberries or melon if you need something more than just plain lime juice. I’d say they’re the best in Boston. Best in New England. And at around $5.50 a pop, there is no reason you shouldn’t indulge in more than two!