Best Haunted Houses In Pittsburgh

171 Best Haunted Houses In Pittsburgh

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If you like to be scared and need a fix for excitement, try out a haunted house to fill the need for a seasonal trick or treat. Families may need to check with their family doctor to prepare for the extravaganza of creepy crawlers and volunteers in costume at the ready for ghoulish pranks that may send you out of the haunted house to safety away from the mayhem. There are a variety of haunted houses within the Pittsburgh region and some within a short driving distance that will be worth the trek for an exhilarating adventure.

118 Locust St.
Etna, PA 15223
(412) 781-5885

The Scarehouse is at the top of the list for one of the scariest places to visit and it's only a short distance from downtown Pittsburgh. Cautiously make your choice from three different haunts. It gets scarier when the lights of the house turn dark with every twist and turn. There is a host of talented and gifted actors, designers, characters and eerie sets that may make you scream from beginning to the end. The epitome of fear awaits any visitor who dares to traverse the terrifying drama that is delivered with a professional flair of excellence, and the proof is found in the blood-curling screams heard throughout the haunted house.

Demon House
417 Coyle Curtain Road
Monogahela, PA 15063
(724) 483-3580

The Demon House may involve secrets of the past and the chilling sounds behind closed doors may be cause for worry and fear. The actors and staff provide a scary experience of haunting and that starts right from the moment you walk toward the mansion, enough to give you the creeps that there is something devious inside. Within each room there is a remarkable and scary production that the actors deftly reenact from the horrors of the McCue Mansion.

Hundred Acres Manor
1 Hundred Acres Drive
Bethel Park, PA 15102
(412) 851-4286

If you have enough courage to walk through the open woods of Bethel Park, then this has to be on your list of scary places to visit. Be aware that every door, window or hallway has a scary secret. The combination of Hollywood-like electronics and the exquisite acting performances by the multi-talented staff make for a haunted trip well worth the effort. There are six attractions and ghoulish pranks and screams abound at each passage way. Hundred Acres Manor has all of the fear you're looking for.

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Haunted Hills Estate
236 Rolling Hills Estate Road
Uniontown, PA 15401
(724) 984-5915

Some very strange and unexplained things have happened at the Haunted Hills Estate. Throughout the years, people just seemed to disappear. All of the spooky adventures appeared to happen after a murder in the owner's family. Now, all of the new visitors have an opportunity to challenge three adventures at the farm through different venues; one is a walking trail and another is finding passageways to 28 rooms of interactive activity. A new challenge awaits for the upcoming haunt, so check the schedule for details. Look out for the zombies as they will be closer than you think. Check in early at the estate and there will be ample opportunity to experience all three adventures.

Terror Town
17th St. & Smallman St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 315- 7331

Terror Town provides a myriad of mazes, and the theatrical props aren't for the faint of heart. There is plenty of space for paranormal activity, which takes place in the basement area of a well-known night club. A talented crew of actors creates a scary and creative scenario at each of the rooms to ensure all visitors are in for a terrifying experience. There are a variety of hours and special days for tickets for scheduling a tour through the indoor and underground action. Terror Town is packed with excitement and strange behavior and that includes blood-curdling sounds, false footsteps and a haunted feeling that leaves a sense of ghostly adventures through the walls, doors and various venues.

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