The Best Guacamole In America

Guacamole is one of those perfect foods. The simple avocado, with the addition of lime juice, cilantro, jalapenos, and tomato, transforms into the highly addictive and unbelievably satisfying undisputed king of dips. The Daily Meal searched for some of the best, and most unique, tableside variations of guacamole, and tracked down ten that are putting their restaurants on the map.

The Best Guacamole in America (Slideshow)

There's nothing guacamole can't do: It's the perfect snack, it pairs countless other food items, and, of course, is an absolute necessity to have on hand when inviting guests over to watch the big game. But like any highly revered culinary item, it is not without its controversy. Purists insist ingredients should be minimal while others find delight in pushing the creative envelope of what guacamole can look like. Then there's the eternal debate about whether guacamole should be chunky or smooth.

Of course, as you know, this dish isn't really divisive; it's just a perfect example of how we all have different sensibilities. On the contrary, when there is guacamole there is usually a group of people sharing a meal, having great conversation and creating memories. Most of us remember the absolute thrill of the first time we had guacamole prepared for us tableside, as if we just witnessed a magic trick for the first time.

Fortunately, the secret to great guacamole is not as tightly guarded as a magic trick. The most mystifying part of the process is knowing the name of the stone vessel the guacamole is prepared in; it's called a molcajete and your friends will be impressed when you know the name for this exotic mortar and pestle. Regardless of all the variations and personal preferences, there's really no wrong way to enjoy guacamole and the novelty of having it prepared before your eyes is one that never wears thin.

Whether you like add-ins like pomegranate seeds or lump crab meat with your guacamole or you prefer to keep it traditional, there's no arguing that guacamole is delicious, healthy, and a great dish to share with friends and family. Add the enjoyment and showmanship of tableside preparation and it just might be the perfect food.

In order to find the top ten restaurant guacamoles in America, we started with more than 100 variations served throughout the country then narrowed them down according to the following criteria: Is it made fresh to order (preferably tableside)? Can you specify the ratio of ingredients added (for example, extra jalapeno)? Is the guacamole one of the most popular items on the menu, and is the restaurant known for it? And does it have a special 'something' that makes it stand out from the pack?

We found 10 variations of guacamole to get your mouth watering and your mind considering the infinite possibilities of guacamole. Whether you're a guac purist or an avocado mad scientist, our slideshow will show you places that elevate guacamole to an art form and give you ideas on how to perfect, or tweak your own guacamole recipe.

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