Best Foreign McDonald's Meals and More News

In today's Media Mix, a chef says the foie gras ban is a bad idea, plus homophobia in the kitchen

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Best McDonald's Meals: Forgive us, but the samurai pork burger and Croque McDo do sound delicious. Foreign McDonald's for the win. [Foreign Policy]

Dan Barber Opposing Foie Gras Ban: The chef says banning foie gras is a distraction from the real issues, saying, "We are talking about a whole food system that is really in trouble." [AFP]

Ethanol Corn Could Feed 22 People: Scientists crunched the numbers and discovered that the calories used to make ethanol for one tank of gas would've fed 22 people. [NPR]


Homophobia in the Kitchen: Stereotypical macho environments in high-end commercial kitchens mean gay and lesbian chefs are still a minority. Art Smith, Yigit Pura, Elizabeth Falkner, and Susan Feniger discuss. [Advocate]