Best Food Trucks in New York

These are winners and participants of the 2010 NY Vendy Awards

King of Falafel – Chicken Platter

Check out the the best food trucks in New York with this list of the winners and participants of the 2010 NY Vendy Awards.


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Vendy Cup Winner:

King of Falafel and Shawarma

Cuisine: Middle Eastern

Signature Dish: Chicken and Rice


Rookie Vendor of the Year:

Souvlaki GR


Cuisine: Greek

Signature Dish: Souvlaki


Dessert Winner:

Kelvin Natural Slush Co.


Cuisine: Desserts

Signature Dish: Slushies




Bistro Truck


Cuisine: Moroccan and Mediterranean

Signature Dish: Bistro Classics


El Rey de Sabor

Cuisine: Mexican


Patacon and Pisao

Cuisine: Venezuelan

Signature Dish: Patacones


Schnitzel and Things


Cuisine: Austrian

Signature Dish: Schnitzel


Big Gay Ice Cream Truck


Cuisine: Ice Cream

Signature Dish: Soft serve with unique toppings


Dessert Truck


Cuisine: Dessert


Guerrilla Ice Cream Truck


Cuisine: Ice Cream


Yao's Dragon Beard Candy

Signature Dish: Dragon Beard Candy


A-Pou's Taste


Cuisine: Taiwanese

Signature Dish: Dumplings and Noodles


The Cinnamon Snail


Cuisine: Vegan

Signature Dish: Seasonal vegan dishes


99% Vegetarian

Cuisine: Vegetarian (plus some chicken)

Signature Dish: Hot Sauce




Cuisine: Mexican Barbecue



Philadelphia Finalists

Honest Tom's Taco Truck


Cuisine: Tacos


Birchrun on a Roll

Cuisine: Local food from Birch Run Farm


Denise's Soul Food Restaurant

Cuisine: Caribbean