Best Food Trucks In DC

Check out the best food trucks in DC with this list of the winners and finalists of the 2010 DC Curbside Cookoff.


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Curbside Cupcakes


Cuisine: Desserts

Signature Dish: Cupcakes



Red Hook Lobster Truck


Cuisine: Seafood

Signature Dish: Lobster Roll


DC Slices


Cuisine: Pizza


District Taco


Cuisine: Mexican

Signature Dish: Salsas


Eat Wonky


Cuisine: Hot Dogs

Signature Dish: Wonky Dog


BBQ Bandidos


Cuisine: Latin and American Barbecue


Yellow Cart

Cuisine: Korean

Signature Dish: Bulgogi and Bibimbap


Pedro and Vinny's Burrito Cart

Cuisine: Burritos

Signature Dish: Vegan Beans


DC Empanadas


Cuisine: Spanish

Signature Dish: Empanadas


Eat Sauca


Cuisine: Global

Signature Dish: Street foods from various countries


El Floridano


Cuisine: Sandwiches


Fojol Bros.


Cuisine: Indian

Signature Dish: Ababa Du's Spicy Cyclones


Food Chain DC


Cuisine: Tacos and Sandwiches

Signature: Team up with various DC food trucks to sell their products rather than having their own truck.


Fry Captain


Cuisine: American Fast Food

Signature Dish: Fries and Milkshakes


Yellow Cart


Cuisine: Korean

Signature Dish: Bulgogi


Pleasant Pops


Cuisine: Popsicles

Signature Dish: Paletas


Rebel Heroes


Cuisine: Vietnamese

Signature Dish: Bahn Mi


Sweet Bites


Cuisine: Desserts

Signature Dish: Baked Goods


Sweetflow Mobile


Cuisine: Frozen Yogurt




Cuisine: Korean

Signature Dish: Korean Tacos