15 Best Food Scenes in Movies

The most memorable food-related moments in film history

Willy Wonka

• Beauty and the Beast — Singing cutlery, dancing dishes — all choreographed by an animated candlestick. Can you think of anything more charming? It sure worked for Belle. 


• Mystic Pizza — In this scene, Leona and her staff rejoice after watching restaurant critic, Hector Freshette, give Mystic Pizza a glowing review. 


• Five Easy Pieces — This exchange between Robert (Jack Nicholson) and a waitress takes the concept of "zero menu substitions" to new heights.  


• My Cousin Vinny - The aha moment for Vinny Gambini (Joe Pesci) comes after he is miraculously able to coax a witness into questioning his claim about a crime based on knowledge of preparing grits.