The Best D.C. Bars Open 24 Hours for Inauguration

Staff Writer
Partying all weekend for Obama's inauguration? Here's where to go (open 24 hours!)

Where to drink (for 24-7!) in Washington D.C. for the inauguration.

Inauguration weekend is upon us — and it's time to party. (Or drink away your sorrows, depending how you voted, but we digress.) This week, The Washington Post shares, more than 150 bars and restaurants will be open 24-7 (with bar service ending at 4 a.m.). That's a big change from the inauguration in 2009, where bars were open until 4 a.m.

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That means that the city isn't just the stage to political history, as President Obama is sworn in once more — it's one gigantic party. But instead of wading through the ginormous list provided by The Washington Post, we share our picks the bars where we want to spend inauguration weekend.

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Our list includes a range of vibes, depending on how you want your inauguration weekend to go. Need to literally dance for joy for President Obama's reelection? Josephine's and Ultrabar are the go-to nightclubs on the list. Want to toast a cheap beer to Obama? Trusty's is the place to be (with insanely affordable draughts, plus board games). Want to feel like a true political powerhouse? Head to two of the three best political bars on our 150 Best Bars in America, Round Robin Bar at Willard InterContinental and Old Ebbitt Grill. Check out our picks of the inauguration late-night bars, and start planning now.