The Best Dad Jokes About Food Ever

Around the world you'll find all different kinds of fathers. From the strict to the silly, there is one thing almost all dads have in common: their sense of humor. In fact, dads are famous (or infamous) for their particular brand of comedy. After all, there is nothing in the world quite like a dad joke.

This Father's Day, see how many of these side-splitters come up around the dinner table:

1. The Introducer

Kid: "Dad, I'm hungry!"

Dad: "Nice to meet you hungry, I'm Dad"

Kid: "Dad, I'm serious!"

Dad: "I thought you were hungry?"

2.  The Sentimental

Spouse: "That wedding was so beautiful..."

Dad: "Even the cake was in tiers!"

3. Cheesy Jokes

Kid: "There is too much cheese on this pizza."

Dad: "I think you have grater problems than that!"

4. Out at a Restaurant

Kid: "I think I'll have the crab legs."

Dad: "Come on don't be shellfish."

5. Dad Eating Nachos

Kid: "Hey, dad what are you eating there?"

Dad: "Don't worry about it. It is nachos"

6. Meeting the Girlfriend at Dinner

Kid: "Dad this is my girlfriend. She is a vegetarian."

Dad: "Why haven't I met herbivore, son?"

7. An Answer for Everything

Kid: "Ugh! I don't know what to eat for breakfast!"

Dad: "It sounds like you should be eating waffle!"

8. Baking Questions

Kid: "How do you make an apple turnover?"

Dad: "You roll it down a hill, of course."

9. Allergy Woes

Kid: "Please make sure there are no peanuts in my dish. I am allergic."

Dad: "Yeah we wouldn't want you to get a salted!"

10. What's for Dinner?

Kid: "We are having seafood for dinner!"

Dad: "Hm, sounds fishy."