The Best Culinary Gadgets. Ever.

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The Best Culinary Gadgets. Ever.

Cooking is something that is a great deal like opera; while some people may absolutely love it there are those who don’t, but they do appreciate it. Just as with opera, those who have the talent and knack for it also know what it is to truly appreciate a those instruments that help make the performances so great. This is where an appreciation for some of the best culinary gadgets truly comes in handy when performing great acts of culinary artistry. The best place to begin is to understand what the best gadgets are and exactly what those gadgets are capable of, as well as some creative ideas to help make some truly unique and wonderful culinary memories.

To better understand what makes a culinary gadget truly great it’s important to understand the qualities that these gadgets possess to help them earn the title of the best culinary gadget. A gadget that helps shorten the work performed in the kitchen, while still providing the same wonderful results as the usual hours of work normally would. Another aspect that a gadget can possess is that of being able to significantly save money while giving the owner the same product or results that they would normally receive by more traditional methods. So bearing all of this in mind let’s take a look at some of the greatest culinary gadgets and exactly what they are.

How many people have woke up first thing in the morning, wishing they had a cup of coffee? However, since they are the only person in the house who drinks it they simply don’t bother with making a cup for themselves. Well thanks to our first gadget, the Aeropress, that dilemma is easily solved. This is basically a one cup coffee maker that needs nothing more than ground coffee and a single cup. The device is a simple one that offers espresso and barista style coffee in a couple of simple steps. Just place the grounds in the cylinder, add some hot water and use the plunger and voila, you have a great cup of coffee for just yourself.

When the word ‘dehydrate’ is mentioned that usually conjures images of beef jerky, however, the Ronco dehydrator has so many more uses. Imagine being able to grow your own herbs and putting them in the dehydrator for preservation as well as drying flowers for potpourri or fruits such as bananas and apples for fruit chip snacks. The process is quick, easy and very cost effective when you consider how much less the fresh fruit is as opposed to the preserved fruits in cans and bags.

Not everyone understands exactly what the sous vide method of cooking is, but in a nut shell it’s food that has been placed in bags with airtight seals and cooked at precise temperatures. The equipment necessary for this particular process is generally bulky and cumbersome. However, thanks to the Nomiku, you can easily get the same results without the need for extra space or purchasing a costly piece of equipment. The Nomiku simply needs to rest in the water and you have your sous vide method at hand, quickly and easily.

Two gadgets that no kitchen would be complete without are the slow cooker and the microwave. The slow cooker is ideal for busy cooks who still want to put a great home cooked meal on the table since all that’s required is to put your ingredients in the cooker, set the temperature and just let the cooker do the work for you. The microwave helps cut down considerably on the prep time needed for cooking as well as making it easy to heat of the great leftovers from the meals beforehand.

One of the most cost efficient and convenient gadgets to be invented would be the Sodastream. This gadget offers great soda that is less in calories as well as healthier for a fraction of the cost of traditional soda. The best part; all you need is the machine, water and flavor syrup. One small bottle of syrup easily gives you 20 regular size bottles of soda, but at a fraction of the cost of regular soda.

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