10 Best Countries to Have a Hangover

Where paying the price for over-indulging is worth it

Whether you call it “going out on the lash,” "getting wasted," or “a typical Friday night,” getting drunk in a foreign country is a noble pursuit. College students partake when studying abroad and mild-mannered professionals get the chance to let their hair down in the face of strangers who don’t speak the same language. But what about the day after?

There is nothing as sobering as a hangover in a foreign land. At home you can turn to creature comforts for tried-and-true cures, but abroad you’re faced with unfamiliar breakfast items that could potentially make you feel worse. While you’re likely to at least track down something breaded or sweet in most countries, there are certain parts of the world that do comforting hangover-breakfasts particularly well with sunshine, strong coffee, and hair of the dog (should you want it) on offer.

Take Brazil, for example. Sampling Brazilian cachaça can leave you with a headache and in need of some tender, loving care. Brazilians often turn to caldinho de feijão, a bean soup, or brigadeiro, a chocolate treat, both capable of taking the pain away. In Ireland, where drinking is a favorite pastime, hangover cures are plentiful, whether you’re partial to a full Irish breakfast or just enjoy a bit of fried toast.

In the United States, there are many proven hangover cures that people swear by from cold pizza to a bagel with lox and cream cheese. Drunken brunches, though, are especially loved for their ability to numb the pain with ever more booze. Bellinis, mimosas, and Bloody Marys are endlessly available to go with an order of eggs or pancakes. When in doubt, go with a country that serves strong coffee — like Mexico and Germany — and venture from there. Here's mud in your eye!


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