The Best of… Cinco de Mayo

Our newest feature shares the best of Pinterest, just in time for some margaritas
Pinterest/The Daily Meal

Throughout the year, we are graced with a surplus of holidays — big and small, frivolous and sentimental — that arrive like clockwork.

In order to successfully juggle these annual calendar dates, we at The Daily Meal thought it best to round up some visual aids to help you prepare for the special occasions. Amid the social media wonders that currently exist, it should come as no surprise that Pinterest is absolutely trumping in all things mood-inspired, DIY, and just downright inspirational. So we’re bringing you the best, the brightest, and the most original guides to hosting the holidays with our new "Best of…" Pinterest boards!

May is quite the overpopulated holiday month; while there are five weeks, there is just enough time to cover all the bases! So let’s get started with a fiery, fiesta-filled Cinco de Mayo celebration.

There will piñatas, there will be margaritas, and you better believe there will be salsa — both the dip and the dance. Brace yourselves, things are about to get feisty on the fifth and there’s only one way to be ready to host the ultimate fête — head to our board!

Round up your fabulous hats and come back next week for "The Best of… the Kentucky Derby."