Best Cellar Tips


Closet Storage

Insulated-Glass Doors
For the compact cellars in the living room of a 1920s house in Bel Air, California, Benoit used custom doors with insulated-glass panels; he has installed ready-made versions for other clients (from $400; On both options, he has the glass treated with an inexpensive coating that blocks the sun's ultraviolet rays, which can be harmful to wine.

Landing Spot
An end table is a handy place to set down bottles after taking them out of storage: "It's good to have a countertop or a table that's at least six inches deep, to fit two bottles."

Shelves and Bins
Benoit prefers shelves and bins for individual bottles or rectangular bins that fit in a case. Diamond-shaped bins, he says, are popular but are "inherently unstable — everything is balanced on the bottom bottle."


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—Alessandra Bulow, Food & Wine