Best Bread To Put A Burger On

We may be more than halfway through National Burger Month, but grilling season is just beginning, which we know means some serious backyard barbecues and competitive neighbors.

An easy way to get an edge when it comes to having the best burgers on the block? Having great meat is a given, but having great bread is second.

"The bun should really just be the envelope for the good news that 's coming," George Motz (of Burger Land, airing Monday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel) says, quoting Bill Bartley of Mr. Bartley's.

So what makes a great bun? It may depend on the burger, but most of all, you want it to be soft, Motz says. "You want to be able to bite through it. People think if they have a big burger you have to have a big, thick bun, but it's not the case. If you have a hard bun, you can't bite through it. It becomes a backslider, where all the contents shoot out the back of the burger."

We asked chefs around the country (all who make some pretty great burgers) what they prefer when they build their hamburger, pitting potato buns against brioche rolls and pretzels against sliced toast. Click through our slideshow to see what fits your style.