The Best 'Boy Meets World' Food Moments

The Best 'Boy Meets World' Food Moments
'Boy Meets World’ Food

Who remembers this hilarious Boy Meets World scene?

Ask almost any girl who grew up watching ‘90s TV and she’ll likely tell you that her favorite show was Boy Meets World. The story of Cory Matthews and the world he grew up in was a fascinating one to watch, and it looks like a new generation of fans will enjoy it, too, with the premiere of Girl Meets World on June 27.

When it comes to Boy Meets World, there are too many favorite moments too count. From the endless talks with Mr. Feeney, to the touching moments between Cory and Topanga, there are so many memories to look back on in this show. To honor the new series coming out, we pulled together just a few of our favorite food-related ones. While we couldn’t list all of them, we will take you from Chubbie’s to the Matthews’ kitchen for just a few of our favorite memories from this beloved show.

A Drink

That time Cory thought Mr. Feeney would actually let him get drunk...

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Poor Minkus

The loveable nerd from the early years of Boy Meets World was always the butt of a lot of jokes from Cory and Shawn. However, it was sort of sweet schadenfreude when we got to see him take revenge by tricking Shawn into taking the burger he had previously tried to get Minkus to eat that was loaded with pudding and salt.

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Food Fight

During the college years, there were some fabulous moments between some of the new additions to the group. Eric, Jack, and Rachel all get a little silly with some food in their apartment post-argument.

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Fall in Love with Food

And who could forget when Cory and Topanga began their marital life together and tried to throw their first fun party? Looks like they had a better time than they would have had with guests! You’ll have to skip to 3:15 to see the moment, but we are sure you’ll enjoy all of the other Cory and Topanga Moments leading up to it!

The Fiancé Game
When Cory doesn’t know Topanga’s favorite fish, it could mean trouble...

The Break-Up

This moment at Chubbie’s was rough, but it was still a great scene!

Cake, Delicious Cake

The guys try to convince Shawn to take the SAT prep course by tempting him with cake.

Soup or Bowl

Poor Topanga, she had to deal with these knuckle-brains for so long...

Take the Rolls

We wholeheartedly believe that this would be Cory and Shawn as old men...

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