Best Beer Gardens For Oktoberfest Slideshow

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

 Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

Location: Astoria, Queens

Beers To Get: Beers on tap from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germay, and Belgium. Local beers on tap as well.

Notes: The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden has been in existence for 100 years.




Der Schwarze Kolner

Location: Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Beers To Get: Vast selection of German beers on tap and in bottles.

Notes: Traditional Kolsche cuisine, including nine varieties of wursts.





Location: 7 Rivington St. (Btwn Bowery and Chrystie St)

Beers To Get: 12 German beers on tap and seven bottled varieties.

Notes: Try the Nachtschwärmerteller ($9), Two Landjäger sausages, German rye bread, cheese, pickles, tomatoes and hard-boiled egg.




Franklin Park

Location: 618 St. John's Pl. (At Franklin Ave.), Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Beers To Get: 12 rotating taps and a selection of brews in bottles and cans. Full bar with specials.

Notes: This bar was built in the place of a run-down mechanics garage.

Studio Square

Studio Square

Location: Long Island City, Queens

Beers To Get: 17 beers on tap as well as sangria, lemonade, and mojitos on tap.

Notes: Studio Square aims to elevate the concept of the traditional German beer garden with modern decor.




Hallo Berlin

Location: Manhattan

Beers To Get: 8 imported German beers on tap and seven bottled brews. A selection of special imported beers is also available.

Notes: Serves "german soul food" such as a variety of wursts and schnitzels.

Radegast Hall and Biergarten

Radgast Hall and Biergarten

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Beers To Get: Variety of beers from Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Austria.

Notes: Patrons get a free bratwurst with every liter of daily special beers.



Zum Schneider

Location: Manhattan

Beers To Get: Nine German beers available on tap and 10 bottled varieties.

Notes: This is an indoor beer garden that is decorated to make patrons feel as if they are outside (fake tree branches included).

Berry Park

Berry Park

Location: Brooklyn

Beers To Get: 16 beers on tap including a selection of sweet beers, such as Lindeman's Framboise Raspberry Lambic.

Notes: The beer garden at Berry Park is also a roof top bar.




The Standard Biergarten

Location: Manhattan

Beers To Get: A small selection of German and American beer is offered.

Notes: The Biergarten is known for its trendy ambiance and beautiful garden. In addition to serving a selection of beer, the Biergarten also serves a variety of German delicacies.

Red Lion Tavern

Red Lion Tavern

Location: Silver Lake, CA

Beers To Get: Half-liters of beers such as Warsteiner, Becks, and Bitburger as well is 1.5-liter boots.

Notes: Traditional German fare served such as potato pancakes, schnitzel, and bratwurst.




Rattlesnake Bar

Location: 384 Boylston St.

Beers To Get: Rattlesnake offers a wide variety of brews from the Czech Republic, England, and Scotland. They also serve a vast number of American beers.

Notes: The beer garden at Rattlesnake is located on the roof the second floor of the building.



Location: Multiple Locations in Chicago

Beers To Get: Sheffield's boasts a vast selection of American micro-brews on tap.

Notes: Although Sheffield's only serves American beers on tap, the atmosphere is reminiscent of a traditional beer garden.



Jak's Tap

Location Near West Side, Chicago

Beers To Get: Vast variety of American and imported beers.

Notes: Jak's Tap offers a selection of Draft Beer Blends, such as the Left Handed Dutchmen (milk stout and framboise).



Location: Near North Side, Chicago

Beers to Get: Moose Drool Brown Ale is a favorite here.

Notes: O'Donovan's features an outdoor heated beer garden, so patrons can enjoy can warm up during the windy evenings. During the cooler months O'Donovan's serves a selection of heated seasonal drinks.


Location: Lakeview, Chicago

Beers To Get: The specialty here is the vast selection of local Midwestern craft brews. They also serve a variety of Belgian imports and lesser-known American beers.

Notes: The beer garden at Fizz is one of the biggest in the city, with seating for 150 people. A tent covers the garden during the winter months to accommodate large parties.

Kurt and Vreny's Restaurant and Biergarten

Kurt and Vreny's Restaurant and Biergarten

Location: Duluth, GA

Beers To Get: Kurt and Vreny's has 10 German beers on tap and an impressive variety bottled as well.

Notes: Kurt and Vreny's specializes in serving modern German cuisine.




Hand in Hand Pub

Location: Virginia Highland,  Atlanta

Beers To Get: Significant variety of domestic and imported brews available. Weekly specials, such as $1 beers on Thursdays, make this bar a popular spot.

Notes: Every weekend Hand in Hand Pub offers live music on the patio.


Park Tavern

Location: Atlanta

Beers To Get: The Park Tavern offers their four home crafted beers on tap as well as a selection of guest brews.

Notes: In addition to being located next to the Park Tavern Brewery, the tavern boasts a large beer garden outside.

Hofbrau Beer Garden

Hofbrau Beer Garden

Location: Miami Beach

Beers To Get: The beers available at Hofbrau are imported from Munich, Germany.

Notes: This bar brings the spirit of a traditional Bavarian beer garden to Southern Florida.




Lou's Beer Garden

Location: Miami Beach

Beers To Get: The extensive draft menu at Lou's is constantly changing. A variety of American and Belgian brews are available here.

Notes: The outdoor beer garden centers around a pool.


Biergarten Haus

Biergarten Haus

Location: Washington, DC

Beers To Get: A vast selection of German beers is available here. Try a Kolsch (From Cologne, that dates back to the 1700s).

Notes: Try out the full menu of traditional German fare.




The Amsterdam Bar

Location: Dallas, TX

Beers To Get:Significant selection of imported and domestic beers available.

Notes: The Amsterdam Bar also has live Jazz music.


Hans' Bier Haus

Location: Houston, TX

Beers To Get: Large selection of brews available on tap. Try the Double Chocolate Stout.

Notes: In addition to the beer garden outside, there are bocce courts.

Old Oak Tap

Old Oak Tap
Location: Ukrainian Villiage, Chicago
Beers To Get: The Oak Tap offers a limited selection of beers from Germany and Belgium, however their American micro-brew selection is vast.
Notes: The beer garden at Old Oak Tap is out front, which is an unusual feature. In addition to the extensive beer selection, Old Oak Tap serves a full menu. Try the Chinese 5-spice Pork Belly sandwich.


Cork and Kerry
Location: Beverly, Chicago
Beers To Get: Though Cork and Kerry is an Irish pub, they serve a number of imported beers on tap from Germany and Belgium.
Notes: The beer garden at Cork and Kerry is expansive with large wooden booths and a full bar outside.