The Best 5 Coffee Shops in Denver

Caffeine junkies in the Mile High City, find the best cup of coffee near you
Wikimedia/ Daniel Mott

Where the best coffee shops are in Denver.

While Denverites may be into drinking lots of water (to beat the altitude) and healthy drinks (to stay fit in the fittest state in the country), they also really love their caffeine. Following the trends of cities like New York City, Seattle, Portland, and, well, everywhere, Denver is getting all into coffee culture. The best coffee shops in Denver: 

1. Crema
Whether you’re on the go or looking for a place to set up your office, this is the place for you. Crema feature’s a walk-through (or bike through) window for convenience, as well as plenty of seating on the interior on Larimer and 29th. But whether you’re cruising up or sitting down, the beans and barista expertise are really what set Crema apart. Crema uses a variety of roasters, from Boxcar to Intelligenstia to Stumptown. And in case you were wondering, why the name "Crema"? It’s the word used to describe the layer of foam that "defines well-crafted espresso." You can guarantee whatever coffee or espresso beverage you choose here will be well-crafted.

2. Black Eye Coffee
Located in the Highlands, this is an excellent place for a kind cup of coffee. The baristas are always very friendly and willing to help you find the perfect beverage to match your palate and mood. Black Eye’s pour-overs and espresso beverages are concocted with care, and the brick walls will make you feel all warm and toasty on the inside. Their bean of choice is from Boxcar Coffee Roasters (if you want to go to the source of this sought-after bean, you can visit Boxcar’s Coffee Shop in Boulder, Colo.)  and they offer a variety of sweet and savory pastry’s from Beet Box and Tompeau Bakery. No one in Black Eye would actually tell you to "be nice or leave," but if you’re looking for a nice change of pace from the snooty barista, this is the place for you.

3. Pablo’s
With two locations to choose from (Sixth and Wash or 13th and Penn), Pablo’s is fun and convenient. One of the perks of this coffee shop is that they roast their own coffee and go all over the world to find you the best beans and blends. Whatever coffee undertones you’re seeking, they can be found at Pablo’s. But it’s not just coffee at this shop — the owners, baristas, and patrons have worked hard to foster a coffee lover’s community. Stop in for a delicious and original cup of joe, buy your own bag for home, or just say hello to a friendly face.

4. Happy Coffee
Happy Coffee is unique in that it boasts in providing a "light" roast, something they jumped onto from the Portland Coffee Scene. They say that the lighter roast espressos make it possible to truly taste the coffee bean’s undertones (like cherry or chocolate). Happy Coffee is dedicated to bringing out these great flavors so each time you can have a different and exciting experience. In fact, they suggest that you come in the shop with an open mind and leave your expectations at the door. If you do, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised and happy.

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5. The Market at Larimer Square
Centrally located in beautiful Larimer Square, The Market is more than just a coffee shop. This place is ideal for its location, late hours, and Hot Toddy menu.  That’s right, beyond your typical espresso and coffee beverages, The Market offers a variety of alcoholic options that will put a little pep in your mug. They carry delicious house-made pastries to accompany your caffeine, but in addition, they have a deli toward the back if you’re looking for something more hearty. If you stop in at night, you can enjoy a warm beverage and the sight of the Larimer lights.