Bergen's Fish Market: Find the Freshest in Norway


Hands down, I tried the best fish I've ever had in Bergen, Norway. Along the dock, hugging the ocean in a semi-circle is the fish market, where every vendor eagerly invites you to try their fish with a fresh fat chunk on their lurring knives. From the smoked and spiced variety to the beautifully bare and raw, salmon, cod and tuna were up for grabs. Talk about melt in your mouth (watch out M&Ms). If you want to walk with a serving for yourself, there is a tiny catch (pun intended): the price tag. Norway's notoriously expensive commerce does not escape this humbly casual market. Suffice it to say, I was grateful for the sample through. Visualize my stroll...

Friendly vendor from...Spain!

Fresh Salmon


Herb-rubbed Salmon

Smokin' grill cooked to order

Not fish but still tasty: Reindeer, Deer, Moose & Whale

Indoor section with seating