Bento Box Basics Slideshow


Brown Rice and Vegetables

Putting the "3 magic colors" tip to good use, with a lot of yellow and orange foods.

Brown Rice Spring Rolls, Edamame, and Cherry Tomatoes

Rice Noodles and Fried Tofu

The smiley face on the star-shaped bell pepper cut-out adds a touch of cutesy personality.

Frogs Bento

Omelette, Broccoli, and Cherry Tomatoes

All three magic colors in one bento.

Pesto Halibut, Brown Rice, and Fruit

Egg, Broccoli, and Onigiri

Spinach Eggroll, Rice, and Dried Fruit

Japchae Bento

Top left: bosc pear, red grapes, pomegranate seeds, granny smith apple, and purple potato flower.

Top right: japchae with carrot skewer.

Bottom left: hard boiled egg with nori music notes, peapods, and soy sauce bottle.

Bottom right: red grape tomatoes, mini heirloom tomatoes, takuwan flowers, and pickled radishes.