Benny's Burritos: New York City

New York City

Maybe it's because it's located in what I think is the most charming part of the city, but Benny's is one of my favorite spots to eat, so much so that I just had my birthday dinner there. There's not a lot to it — just a great vibe and delicious food, and the service is always friendly and attentive. Something about it screams favorite neighborhood spot, and you feel as if you know everyone in the restaurant. I love going in the summer and sitting out on the sidewalk for people-watching, but it's equally as enjoyable in the winter (like during the blizzard that took place on my birthday). Always start with the nachos, that is if you don't ruin your appetite with the chips and salsa they start you with, and I've never not gotten the super burrito. The tortilla of this burrito is so fresh and soft, you couldn't pick it up with your hands if you tried, so you have to go for the fork and knife approach. You might have more luck picking it up the next day when you're eating the leftovers, which are a given considering the generous portion they give you. I try to order different meats for the burrito every time I go, but I'm currently obsessed with the beef picadillo one. Oh, and, before I forget, the margaritas are lethal.