Ben & Jerry's Turning A New GMO-Free Leaf, Making It Safer For Families To Enjoy

Serving your kids ice cream just got a little better — and safer. Last week, protesters in cities throughout the U.S. took to the streets to demonstrate against Monsanto, a company most synonymous with GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, which sprays crops with insecticides and can lead to serious problems with both health and the environment.

This company is a supplier for the infamous (and delicious) Ben & Jerry's ice cream company, which recently confessed that only 80 percent of their ingredients are sourced from non-GMOs.

Due to recent controversies, Ben & Jerry's has committed to making all of it's ingredients non-GMO based by 2014 – the process will take a long time due to expected complications, since some ice cream flavors can have as many as 40 ingredients.

So ice cream lovers rejoice, whip out a spoon, and dig into that heavenly carton of Phish Food. Who knew B & J (yes, we're on a first-initial basis) could get any better?